I'm proud to have contributed to the SCHOLAR project for Valorant,
working with talented artists to style the titles.

VALORANT Game Changers features women and gender-marginalized players who challenge norms with exceptional
skill. In partnership with Riot Games, we created a visually striking campaign for the
first Game Changers Championship. The campaign merged anime-inspired action with psychedelic
visuals, highlighting the skills and spirit of five Game Changers pros in a dynamic
VALORANT-themed dreamscape, setting a new standard for esports creativity.
Brand Partner: Scholar
Story By: Riot Games, Macauley Johnson, Ana Chang
Creative Director: Macauley Johnson
Art Director: Ana Chang
Animation Director: Alex Bernas
Lead Compositor: Andrew Tan
CG Supervisor: Kevin Kolodinsky
Managing Executive Producer: Kirsten Noll
Executive Producer: Antonio Hardy
Head of Production: Nicole Smarsh
Senior Producer: Christina Yiallouris
Associate Producer: Bella Bergeron
Production Assistant: Jack Readman
Pitch Producer: Marcus Fussell
Lead Designer: Jina Kwon
Designers: Aivy Nguyen, Kiron Robinson, Cendan Claiborne, Jose Bernabe,
Kyle Fewell, Siena Mae, Stephanie Stromenger, Tiago Calliari, Victorien Aubineau
Storyboards: Mark Yates
Cel Animators: Aivy Nguyen, Alex Bernas, Ana Chang, Danni Fisher-Shin, Zach Herdman
Barbara Benas, Billy Mpetha, Bruno de Mendonca, Deco Daviola, Laura Yilmaz
Michael Relth, Olivia Blanc, Romario Clarke
Media Manager: Adrianna McKinley
3D/ Previz Animators: Han Hu, Kevin Kolodinsky, Stephen Van Wyk
Derek Friesenborg, Sarah Wolfe, Steven Dvornik
Compositors: Kenny Kerut, Sam Bachman, Andrew Tan, Dylan Blau, Jip Jeong
2D Animators: Kiron Robinson, Zach Herdman
Editor: Dominic Strazulo

Telecine: RCO
Colorist: Derrick Yuen

Mix & Sound Design: Another Country
Mix & Sound Designer: Erik Widmark
Assistant: Cathryn Stark